Summer Seminar at Beer 24th June

2021 Spring now Summer Seminar

It has been a very difficult decision to decide if we should make another attempt at holding a seminar this year, again after having to cancel the one in 2020.

The response we have received has been varied, as if the restrictions are lifted on 21st June, then that means that we would be able to hold the seminar. The Mariners hall has confirmed that the Hall is booked, again on the assumption that government restrictions have been removed. Also the Dolphin Hotel has confirmed that  if the restrictions are removed then they will be able to provide lunch for the delegates in the Hotel, which is just down the road from the Mariners Hall.

Therefore we have decided to try again and hold the seminar, on Thursday 24th June At the Mariners Hall, Beer, but there will still be the possibility that if the Government road to recovery falls back, them we may have to cancel the seminar. Most of the delegates should have had their two vaccinations, and be well protected from COVID 19. We will however still have facemasks and hand sanitiser available idf delegates still wish to have that extra security being in an inside location.

You can download a Seminar booking form here.


Published 05/04/2021 00:00:00