It's Your Neighbourhood

The Royal Horticultural Society’s It’s Your Neighbourhood campaign is part of the wider Britain in Bloom initiative, providing an opportunity for smaller community groups to get involved. 

RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood is a unique scheme for volunteered led community gardening projects/groups who are focused on improving their local environment through community gardening.  They can be working in their local street, estate where they live, a back alley they share with their neighbours, or the local community centre’s outdoor space. Almost any outdoor site being looked after by the local community qualifies for this scheme.  RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood is an inclusive, non-competitive scheme, a group can be made up of any number of community volunteers.   

Every year we have over 500 entries in the RHS It's Your Neighbourhood initiative and this year is no exception.

2016 IYN Entries

All entries will be assessed by an RHS It's Your Neighbourhood assessor during July.  The awards are announced at our main awards presentation event.  The date of our 2017 main awards presentation is still to be confirmed, but it will be held at The Palace Hotel, Torquay, TQ1 3TQ.

RHS Introductory leaflet

IYN Assessment form.

Participants' Guidance Notes

Assessor Notes

How Do I Get Started?

Getting involved is very easy, in fact, you only need 2 things:
1. A group
2. An idea for a project

Once you have these things, you are ready to get started!

RHS Support Pack

Gordon Ford Trophy - The Gordon Ford Trophy is awarded each year for the best RHS It's Your Neighbourhood entry (IYN) and can be judged as part of the main judging tour or as an individual assessment.  The IYN should encompass all three core pillars, Horticultural, Community and Environmental responsibility, as well as reaching level 5 'Outstanding'  

 Best RHS It's Your Neighbourhood Award Entry - 2016 - Town Village Green

Town Village Green - Clifton Wood, Bristol - this is a wonderful example of how local residents can make a difference to their local neighbourhood.  Carol Lilwall and her team of volunteers have over a number of years transformed a once neglected patch of land at Ambra Vale East, Clifton Wood, Bristol into a community garden which has become a much valued community resource.  On 19th January, 2009 the Public Rights of Way and Greens Committee resolved that the application for the land to be granted Town Green status.  The group will also receive recognition for their success with a RHS It's Your Neighbourhood National Certificate of Distinction, when all the regional projects are announced at the RHS National Finalists awards in Autumn 2017.