It's Your Neighbourhood

Cancelled for 2020

The Royal Horticultural Society’s It’s Your Neighbourhood campaign is part of the wider Britain in Bloom initiative, providing an opportunity for smaller community groups to get involved. 

RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood is a unique scheme for volunteered led community gardening projects/groups who are focused on improving their local environment through community gardening.  They can be working in their local street, estate where they live, a back alley they share with their neighbours, or the local community centre’s outdoor space. Almost any outdoor site being looked after by the local community qualifies for this scheme.  RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood is an inclusive, non-competitive scheme, a group can be made up of any number of community volunteers.   

Every year we have over 500 entries in the RHS It's Your Neighbourhood initiative and this year is again no exception.  If you are new to the RHS It's Your Neighbourhood scheme, we would suggest that you read through the Participants Guidance Notes and Assessor Notes.  This will give you a clearer view on how the scheme works and will help you understand what the IYN Assessor will be looking for when he assesses your project. 

All entries will be assessed by an RHS It's Your Neighbourhood assessor between 1st and 31st July 2020.  Although, this year for the first time it may be possible to organise an earlier date for your assessment if it suits you better.  The awards will be announced at our main awards presentation event in October, which this year is being held in Newquay. 

RHS Introductory leaflet

IYN Assessment form.

2020 IYN Registration Form

Participants' Guidance Notes

IYN Assessor Notes

How Do I Get Started?

Getting involved is very easy, in fact, you only need 2 things:
1. A group
2. An idea for a project

Once you have these things, you are ready to get started!

RHS Support Pack

Gordon Ford Trophy - The Gordon Ford Trophy is a regional award which we present each year to the RHS It's Your Neighbourhood entry in our South West Region.  It can be assessed as part of a main judging tour or as a individual assessment. The IYN should encompass all three core pillars, Horticultural, Community and Environmental responsibility, as well as reaching level 5 'Outstanding'