The present position with the Coronavirus is posing many challenges and
South West in Bloom is no different.

The present position regarding social contact has meant that the Spring
Seminar has had to be postponed, and we hope to hold it next year in March
2021, again in Beer.

As to the position of this year's competition, we are waiting guidance from
the Royal Horticultural Society.

As soon as we have any news we will pass it on to all our communities.

In conjunction with the RHS the main competition for 2020
has been postponed until 2021.

We are hoping that we may still be able to assess those IYN's that wish us
to, but it will be later in the year.

We will be putting more details in the Spring newsletter and we will contact
IYN's when there is more definite information. We will also keep the current
situation posted on the Web site.

We have cancelled the school IYN's as the schools will not be back in time
to complete any projects.

Published 18/03/2020 00:00:00